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Talent Is Overrated: Top 10
Habits Of Mentally Tough People

Regardless if you’re an entrepreneur, athlete, coach, artist or politician, we all must overcome hurdles and setbacks at some point in our lives. These challenges can seem insurmountable, but what separates the successful, or at least those on their way to becoming successful, is their resilience and confidence, not talent. Some call it grit. But, it’s most commonly known as mental toughness.

Over the past couple years I've realized that talent truly is overrated -- it's the mentally tough people who succeed in life. I've had to fight my way through losing a multi-million dollar business to starting another that is now thriving.

Sometimes you have to just push through. I've learned that there is no single factor, but those who possess these a few of the habits below are mentally tough people that can get through anything.
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TED:  8 Secrets Of Success
Richard St. John condenses years of interviews into a 3-minute slideshow on the real secrets of success.

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12 Ways To Improve Your Customers’ In-Store Experience
Turn your shopping visitors into regulars!

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5 Ways Leaders Create The Best Places To Work
Consider what your employees want and use it to create a better work environment.
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8 Ideas For Offering The Discounts Retail Customers Demand
Find out how  independent retailers can compete.
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5 Essential Measurements For Making The Right Hire
Effective talent management starts with hiring the right employees.
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6 Things You Must Quit Doing Now If You Want To Be More Successful
Persistence pays off, but so does knowing when to quit.
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5 Smart Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners
Get more done in less time when you implement these 5 time-saving strategies.
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5 Leadership Failures That Contributed To The United Fiasco
Every business is vulnerable to disaster when their organization veers from their core values.
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