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Twenty-Seven Actionable Tips

To Improve Customer Service

Have you ever seen a customer walk away from your store or website after a bad experience? Besides offering great products, stellar customer service might be the difference between repeat, loyal customers and people walking out the door or leaving your website for good. When the retail world is changing so much, offering consistently great customer service is your way into the hearts and pockets of your customers. Keeping your service standards high, online and off, with a top-notch, trained team will help you pave the way to creating longtime connections with your customers.

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4 Important Factors For An Economy-Proof Team

An exceptional business hinges on a an exceptional team.

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4 Reasons Customer Reviews Are Important For Small Businesses

Nearly 95% of consumers read reviews before making purchases.

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6 Steps To Improve Performance

Continuous improvement is a crucial goal for your organization.

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4 Types Of Cyber Attacks You Need To Be Aware Of

Learn how to defend your business.

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9 Ways Giving Back Can Be A Part Of Your Company Culture

Make a difference regardless of what business you are in.

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5 Tips For Inventory Shrinkage

A moderate amount of shrinkage can have a big impact on your business.

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8 Unique & Transferable Skills Worth Teaching Your Employees

Emotional intelligence, problem solving, resilience, and more.

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6 Tech Support Scams You Should Know About

Protect yourself and your business.

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6 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Italy

La dolce far niente... the sweetness of doing nothing. Life shouldn't be all work and no play.

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