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9 Smart Ways To Recession-Proof Your Business

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it's that a devastating economic recession can happen at any time. Does your business have what it takes to weather the storm? Are you recession-proof?


This is the question I had to ask myself throughout recent months. I'm the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest-running talent agency in Australia specializing in babies, children and teen talent in Australia.


Despite our reputation, I found that I needed to take many steps to adjust to the pandemic's recession. Not only has Bubblegum Casting continued to press on, but we're stronger today than we were before COVID-19.

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Ten Common Contract Gotchas You Want To Avoid

Numerous issues can cause a contract to become null and void, keep your eyes open for these sneaky tricks.

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5 Important Qualities To Look For When Hiring Remote Employees

How to build a virtual team and what to look for.

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Have A Conversation That Will Make People Like You More

Have you ever wondered if there's something you can do to make people like you more?

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5 Ways To Shift Your Mindset During Tough Times And Embrace New Opportunities

Broaden your view and see new opportunities.

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15 Customer Retention Strategies That Work

How to keep your current customers engaged and happy.

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5 Customer-Centric Business Strategies To Boost Your Growth

Today's customers look for businesses with strategies that stand out.

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15 Productivity Tips To Help Small Business Entrepreneurs Succeed

Valuable productivity tips for small business owners.

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10 Techniques To Help You Cope With Uncomfortable Feelings

Use these techniques to prioritize your time and simplify your life.

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