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10 Loyalty Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

Loyalty marketing focuses on marketing to existing customers with perks and incentives to encourage repeat business, instead of solely attempting to find new customers. This type of marketing can be a powerful tool for small business owners who are trying to grow their businesses and increase revenue. It also generally costs less to keep current customers actively purchasing from you than it does to repeatedly attempt to bring in brand new business. Here are 10 ideas that will help you give loyalty marketing a try.

1. In-Store Gifts

One way to get previous customers back in the store is to offer limited-time giveaways.

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15 Habits That Could Be Hurting Your Business Relationships

Odd verbal tics and body language can jeopardize your chances of establishing business relationships.

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7 Types Of Difficult Customers Every Company Deals With

How to turn your most demanding, and impossible clients into your best customers.

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8 Essential Qualities That Define Great Leadership

Small business is in crisis. Nearly one-third of employees don’t trust management.

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Why New Customers Don't Come Back—And How You Can Help Change Their Mind

Getting paying customers through the door once is great, but not enough.

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Warren Buffett, "Integrity Is The Most Important Trait To Hire For."

It's what holds everything together or everything crumbles.

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6 Sure Ways To Increase Sales

Shift Your Sales Focus for Increased Sales.

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Mark Cuban's 3 Secrets For Growing A Successful Business

"Quick and dirty rules every entrepreneur needs to be aware of."

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Richard Branson: 5 Things You Can Do To Make Every Day A Success

To make each day count, here are five things he recommends you do.

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