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10 Of The Best Customer Service Practices To Prevent Common Mistakes

Customer service matters because at the end of the day, people want to purchase products and services from entities they like. Creating a good customer experience breedsbrand loyalty — and in turn, referrals. In fact, word of mouth marketingis significantly more effective than any other form of marketing. Also, we live in a world of instant gratification. You can get food, a freelance gig, a date, right now if you use the right channels. And that’s for things people want.

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13 Important Soft Skills To Look For In Job Candidates

These attributes are not usually spelled out in a candidates resume.

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7 Ways Brands Are Building In-Store Retail Experience

Retailers must keep shopping fun to keep buyers enticed.

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6 Science Backed Strategies To Increase Your Productivity

Work smarter, not harder.

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Why You Need A SWOT Analysis For Your Business

A SWOT analysis can help you make smart, informed business decisions.

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12 Questions Managers Should Ask Their Employees

Use this information to manage your employees effectively and help them succeed in their jobs.

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10 Customer Service Techniques To Grow Sales

How to convert your store's visitors into customers.

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5 Powerful Ways To Save Time In Your Business

If you are keen to manage your time effectively and maximise energy levels, you need strategies in place to support you.

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5 Ways Your Organization Can Integrate Good Security Practices

Protect your most valuable assets from being stolen or compromised with these cybersecurity practices.

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