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Big River Broadcasting has been helping businesses in the Tennessee Valley grow for over 50 years. How is 2024 shaping up for you? Our combination of traditional media and digital platforms delivers a powerful return on your marketing investment. Our marketing team has over 100 years of experience and we can show you how to achieve the results you want and why Radio Gets Results!

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Nick Martin

General Manager



10 Kinds Of People That Get Hired The Most

Beyond skills and experience, hiring managers often cite a candidate’s “niceness” factor and look for people who exhibit signs of loyalty, integrity, sincerity and motivation. Still, while these qualities are attractive, a wide range of personality types can exhibit them. Your dream team will likely possess specific skill sets and unique personalities that contribute to a positive workplace culture that balances efficiency and innovation. We’ll outline 10 types of employees you should hire to create a dynamic environment primed for growth, productivity and harmony.

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9 Inventory Strategy Tips

Ensure you have a well-rounded inventory management strategy.

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7 Downsides Of Being The Boss

Manage the downsides of management.

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5 Ways To Retain Your Most Talented Team Members

Be flexible, celebrate successes, communicate clearly, and more.

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7 Ways You Might Be Damaging Credibility As An Entrepreneur

For business owners, few aspects matter more than credibility.

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5 Points On Resilience, Strategy And Teamwork

These are the most important elements for a successful business.

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14 Stockroom Organization Ideas

Your stockroom is a critical part of your physical location.

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7 Powerful Tips For Highly Productive Online Meetings

Streamline your conferences.

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5 Steps For Writing A Performance Review

Implementing a structured review process is critical for your business.

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7 Tips For Mitigating Damage In A Small Business Data Breach

Even vigilant businesses may fall victim to an attack.

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