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Start Your Year-End Planning Now: Part 2

Year-end tax planning is always challenging due to uncertainties. What will 2023 bring? Will Congress change tax rules—favorably or unfavorably (and possibly retroactively for 2022)? Will your state and local government make law changes affecting your business? Despite uncertainties, planning now is warranted to minimize your 2022 tax bill and position you favorably for 2023. In Part 1, I discussed ideas for planning with respect to your employees. Here are some ideas for your operations and strategic planning.

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5 Ways To Fight Retail Theft

Take these necessary steps to protect your profits.

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7 Outdated Habits That Will Paralyze Your Business

Outdated strategies from the old economy are stifling success.

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4 Points To Consider While Lining Up Employee Benefits For 2023

What you offer depends on what your company can afford.

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6 Tips For Customer Retention

Cultivate customer relationships and stay attentive.

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32 Gift Ideas For Colleagues

The holidays are the perfect time to show your clients and colleagues your appreciation.

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7 Ways To Be More Disciplined In Your Business

Discipline can make a difference in your life and business.

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10 Things To Understand About Your Income Statement

An income statement provides valuable insights into a company's operations, efficiency and more.

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3 Tips For Building A Memorable Small Business Plan

It's one thing to create a valuable product or service; it's another thing to cultivate a memorable brand along the way and grow your business.

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