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11 Best Things To Say To Customers

Here’s the good news: For everything that can go wrong in a customer conversation, a whole lot more can go right. You have far more opportunities to say the right thing and create an outstanding experience. Even better, you can capitalize on those great conversations.

Almost 75% of customers say they’ve spent more money with a company because they had a great experience, an American Express survey found.

The quality of the interactions customers have with front-line employees has a huge impact on their experiences. When employees say the right thing with a sincere tone, they set the stage for great interactions and better memories.

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6 Visual Merchandising Mistakes That Retailers Make

Merchandising mistakes smart retailers should avoid.

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7 Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs

People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who change it.

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23 Of The Best Things To Say To An Angry Customer

An angry customer has your ear, and now he expects you to respond.

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6 Ways To Create An Effective Sales Forecast

Be prepared for your company's future.

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10 Steps To An Effective Brand Strategy To Bolster Your Business

How to develop your brand strategy.

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7 Tips To Protect Your Small Business From Cyberattacks

Network security for small businesses is particularily crucial.

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19 Creative Ways To Show Employee Appreciation

Your employees deserve more than a "thank you".

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10 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Power Through Tough Times

Keep yourself focused on your goals while the ground is shifting beneath you.

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