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Everything’s chugging right along in your business. You love getting to the office every day, interacting with clients, and having the freedom to set your own schedule.
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Smart companies know that the x-factor to success starts with great leadership. Systems, products, services and branding count, but when there’s no one to drive the massive vehicle of business properly, a crash is soon to come.
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Ever feel like you get so many requests for support that you want to put a “do not disturb” sign on your front door? You cannot and should not say yes to them all.
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Most entrepreneurs, marketers and salespeople believe they can sell their way out of any problem... until they can't. So many promising companies fail, both start-ups and mature firms, because they don't manage their cash well.
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To ensure success in the new year, most small businesses don't realize that the process begins long before January 1. Instead, a lot of work goes into setting your business up for a running start.
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If you really want to hurt your business, ignore what your customers want. Let me give you a few examples of this stupid business trick in action. If you're a seafood fan like me, chances are you've eaten at Red Lobster.
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