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Caring for customers is a critical element in every business. Most small business owners "get this" but struggle to deliver a consistent, flawless experience to their customers as they grow.
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According to Business Insider, personal income and spending are increasing again in 2015 at rates that haven’t been seen in nearly a decade.
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The quickest way to convert returns into sales is to adjust the mindset of employees who complete return transactions. Generally, an employee enters into service mode at the register.
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Every student of economics is taught that a business maximizes profits by producing up to the point at which marginal cost equals marginal revenue. This is true in theory -- and irrelevant in practice.
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Journey mapping isn't about planning a vacation. As a business coach at Designed Culture and mentor at the Boomtown accelerator, I help startups trace the emotional road that people travel when they buy something.
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Customers are at the heart of any business. Happy customers who like what you offer spend money with you and then come back time and again are invaluable to your business.
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