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Sales Articles & Videos

You want to make sure your business stands out in a sea of big-box stores' sales and discounts this season. So how can small and independent retailers get a leg up this holiday-shopping season?

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It’s well documented that accepting credit cards is good for business, but there is one snag to accepting credit cards that every retailer knows and fears: Fraud.
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When it comes to business the customer isn't always right but the customer is always the customer. The better your interactions with those who provide your streams of income, the more successful your company will be.
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As we approach the end of this year’s first quarter, it’s a good time to step back and review your progress, the state of your current sales, and your pipeline.
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Here, in no particular order, are  ten of the most important commitments you and your staff should make to your customers, and to yourselves.
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When you think about a modern business development model a lot of the focus often falls on obtaining new customers, but an equally important part is how to maximize your current customers.
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Sales Articles & Videos

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