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Paula Courtney found “wow” when she took her daughter to the employee washroom at her local grocery store. A sign by the door instructed workers to remain physically by the side of any customer experiencing a problem until that problem was resolved.
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Maintaining good customer service is a constant process. While it may never be perfect, it’s important to try and keep as many customers satisfied as possible.
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From getting paid on time to finding funding, two experts offer their advice on how to help get your company's cash under control. Women business owners are starting ventures and creating jobs at impressive rates.
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If only the world were populated exclusively by the sane and rational, your job as a business owner would certainly be a lot easier. But as we all know, some people spend much of their lives over-agitated or spoiling for a fight.
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Once when I’d been camping and away from running water, my hair got really, really dirty; it felt like there could be earthworms living in it.
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One of the most challenging things to deal with in business is handling difficult customers who are never satisfied and who continue to change the game.
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